What better way to make a comeback than to start with Charleston Fashion Week! It was the perfect amount of inspiration to get me back on my feet. Not only are the designs on the runway inspiring, but the people I met and hung out with are even more inspiring! I met so many wonderful people, some who I was even friends with on social media before ever meeting them face-to-face (crazy how the Internet works!). But anyways I’m glad to be back and I’m looking forward to future collaborations/adventures with my new friends!

Here is the outfit I wore to fashion week! I shot it the day before but I’ve included pictures from the day of!


taytay-18 taytay-27 taytay-12 taytay-6 taytay-3 taytay-13 taytay-23 taytay-30 taytay-25 taytay-9 taytay-1 taytay-16 taytay-35 taytay-31 10478660_10205821076301776_1476915391351303146_n 12717595_10205828380284371_1627453871438489658_n

Amy of Taxidermy


The Belle & The Bow


Miss Hanny Bee600700_10205828378244320_2687367444644143413_n

Makeup: Hillary Parker

Photos: Catherine Ann Photography

Hair: Stuart Laurence Salon

Spray Tan: Black White & Blush Luxury Beauty Services

Clutch: Shop Taxidermy, c/o Noddy of Charleston




  1. Sweeeeeet! I am loving ALL OF THIS! You know how I can nit-pick, but for this post you NAILED IT! From your hair to your heels (I bow to the princess). I am a little p***ed you & mom have never taken me to Taxidermy, though. That clutch is class and sass with your dress. 👍👍

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