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Making an Entrance

I love to make an entrance. What girl doesn’t? When I did this shoot with Catherine Ann Photography, I envisioned wearing this dress to a big event and this piece being a showstopper. I love the black lace detail and the sassy slit up the leg. It’s comfortable but flattering, which is a hard combination to come by. Anyways, I hope you like this look as much as I do.

MUA: Hillary Parker

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What better way to make a comeback than to start with Charleston Fashion Week! It was the perfect amount of inspiration to get me back on my feet. Not only are the designs on the runway inspiring, but the people I met and hung out with are even more inspiring! I met so many wonderful people, some who I was even friends with on social media before ever meeting them face-to-face (crazy how the Internet works!). But anyways I’m glad to be back and I’m looking forward to future collaborations/adventures with my new friends!

Here is the outfit I wore to fashion week! I shot it the day before but I’ve included pictures from the day of!


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Amy of Taxidermy


The Belle & The Bow


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Makeup: Hillary Parker

Photos: Catherine Ann Photography

Hair: Stuart Laurence Salon

Spray Tan: Black White & Blush Luxury Beauty Services

Clutch: Shop Taxidermy, c/o Noddy of Charleston


Southern Protocol

Welcome back!

Charleston has been booming in the bridal industry and one of the newest shops in town is Southern Protocol! I discovered them when I went to the Shop Taxidermy trunk show during fashion week. I went in there to find some really rocker chic bridal wear for this shoot with Katie! They had just thing! Their shop is beautiful and the ladies of Southern Protocol are so sweet!

Setting: Charleston Distilling Company

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Maddison Row

Hello again!

Today I wanted to show off one of Charleston’s gems in the bridal realm! Maddison Row is one of the Charleston’s many bridal boutiques but their gowns are amazing!!!! I wore one for the Scarlet Wedding Tour (side note: follow this link for some info on something exciting about their next tour) and I absolutely adore the ladies there! So here’s one of their beautiful gowns showcased at the super cool Charleston Distillery! Hope you enjoy!

Photos by the lovely Katie of Catherine Ann Photography!

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Holy City in Heels

Hello loves! So today I bring you the true essence of what Holy City in Heels really is. When I did this shoot with Katie (she’s amazing), I wanted to really capture what a Charleston girl is, who I am. I wanted the scene to be on the iconic King Street, with one of Charleston’s signature modes of transportation, a rickshaw, and I wanted to really show Charleston style! To me Charleston style is where trendy meets classic. I chose this outfit from Finicky Filly where the lines and cut of the top and skirt are classic, but the print adds a bit of trendy flare to the outfit. Of course I had to top the outfit off with signature Charleston Rice Beads from Candy Shop Vintage. Charleston is one of the world’s most stylish spot in my opinion. This shoot completely embodies what I envisioned for Holy City in Heels!

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ibu movement

Hello readers! I’m back today with something very special to me! This post is all about the ibu movement. Ibu was founded by Susan Walker who has studied both World Religions and Fiber Arts. Under the “About” section on her site, it states:

 “It opened her eyes to the very thing she had been looking for in her previous work – a woman’s way of recording her mind and soul. What she didn’t find in parchment and page, she found in textiles. A woman’s text.”

With the ibu movement, she now works with these women from different regions to represent their skills and stories. This is something that is special to me because I have an extreme case of wanderlust, and so walking into the store and reading where and who made these products gives me a sense of what’s out there to explore. If you find yourself on King Street, definitely swing in there. In this outfit post, I am wearing one of their swing vests, as well as Indian coin necklaces and African bead necklaces.

All images are by Catherine Ann Photography.

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